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MLatino Media, LLC is a Hispanic marketing, advertising, and communications agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We work with brands and organizations to develop advertising and outreach projects by creating and implementing new and traditional media.


Established in 2014, the MLatino Media team has more than 15 years of previous experience developing new and innovative projects that have directly and positively impacted the Hispanic populations in the U.S.


Gustavo Mancilla is a Latino entrepreneur who specializes in Hispanic marketing, local media, and communications. He is a business professional with experience in leadership positions and project management.


Mancilla is a former developer and general manager at WUMN TV Univision MN, the first Hispanic Television Station in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul market. He now serves as the founder and leading business developer at MLatino Media.

He is a content producer and an experienced marketing and sales executive with an extensive and positive track record in business relationships linked to marketing endeavors, local media, and outreach initiatives.


While Mancilla will be the point of contact and responsible party for the development of this project, all of MLatino Media works in full capacity in collaboration with multiple talented employees, local freelance writers, and media developing specialists in support of a wide variety of projects.



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