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Maplewood & Inver Grove Toyota

From Advertiser to Partner

Inver Grove and Maplewood Toyota serves as the West TC Metro dealership. 

Our partnership with the Toyota dealerships began in 2014 when Inver Grove Toyota needed to initiate advertising in hispanic media outlets. They needed to take real time action to respond to the actual and projected changes in population demographics in their market area. We helped Inver Grove Toyota accomplish digital and regular content catered to latinx media.

The Partnership 

MLatinoMedia worked with Toyota dealerships in both Maplewood and Inver Grove. Toyota wanted to create hispanic content to place into multi platforms. This project evolved to content creation for the Maplewood Toyota and general market 


By partnering with MLatinoMedia, Toyota has been able to incorporate translated commercials, improve media placement in the latino community, and provide general marketing materials.


From there, the partnership has evolved into delivering services that target mainstream audiences from graphic design to video production and media buying services. 

Aspects of the Project:

Our Clients

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