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Children's Theatre Company of MN

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Children's Theatre teaches children how to communicate in a variety of unique ways, exposing kids to difficult situations and show them firsthand how to handle these situations. Theatre exposes young individuals to new vocabulary and ways of communicating through the arts of dance, acting, and music

Children's Theatre had a goal of improving their reach to Hispanic communities and turned to MLatino Media to help them do so 

The Partnership

The Children's Theatre has made a point to reach out and include diverse communities into their programs by incorporating latino actors and on-stage stories that allow younger generations to see a reflection of their culture in large theatrical productions while also allowing these children the opportunity to get inspired and be  part of these productions 

Our partnership with the Children's Theatre was centered around the Children's Theatres goal of reaching hispanic communities. As the advertising partner for this organization, MLatino Media was able to provide MLatino Media serves as the Children Theatres hispanic outreach and advertising partner. We provide media placements for Children's theatre that is catered towards hispanic audiences.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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